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CPA as a Career

nextgen cpaAs you get closer to graduation, you start getting asked The Question: “What’s your major?” If you landed here because you think accounting might be your answer, or you’re just curious about what exactly accountants do (Hint: if your idea of an accountant is someone wearing a pocket protector and a bad comb over, you’re out of the loop), then you came to the right place.

In order to become a certified public accountant (CPAs are licensed professionals)—you will need to achieve three things:
  • Earn 150 college credit credits from an accredited accounting program
  • Pass the Uniform CPA Examination (considered harder than even the bar exam, that potential lawyers need to take)
  • One year of experience working under a licensed CPA

Many people think that accountants only prepare taxes, but that simply isn’t true. For instance, every celeb, music mogul, and sports star has an accountant. Some CPAs are FBI agents—they actually carry a gun and go undercover; some are forensic accountants, the private detectives of the business world. So if you like the limelight, or thrive on adrenaline, there are multiple opportunities for the ambitious CPA. Business leaders in the world’s most influential firms seek out young movers and shakers who can think analytically, communicate effectively, and lead innovatively: hallmarks of the CPA skill set.

Interested in becoming one of the new rock stars of the CPA world or want to learn just a little bit more? Your first step should be the NextGen, NYSSCPA's professional development guide. NextGen will not only help you learn more about the profession, but it will also give you sound and trusted career advice.

Career Opportunities in Accounting Profession

COAP is designed to offer high school students the chance to learn about the accounting profession and to cultivate important business skills. Annual programs take place on college campuses across New York State.

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High School Outreach

The NYSSCPA strives to give high school students the opportunity to meet with a New York CPA about the profession.

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Accounting Programs

It's never to late to start planning for college. Click below for a list of colleges and universitied in New York State that offer accounting programs.

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