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NextGen Magazine


Gen Z Workers Crave Mentorship and Training, Survey Finds

S.J. Steinhardt
Published Date:
Sep 28, 2023

The members of Generation Z, those born between the 1997 and 2012, seek more meaning in their careers, and that includes getting more mentorship and training, the latest Adobe Future Workforce Study found.

More than eight in 10 (83 percent) of the more than 1,000 surveyed said that a workplace mentor is crucial for their career, but only about half  (52 percent) reported having a mentor. Fewer than half (48 percent) said that they wanted more training on hard skills related to their jobs, compared to one third (33 percent) for soft skills. Slightly more than a quarter (28 percent) believed their current role is not utilizing their skills to their full potential.

Many also expressed their desire to work for a company that shares their values. More than half (56 percent) reported that they want to work for a company that is outspoken about social issues and a large majority (84 percent) believed their current employer is being a good corporate citizen. Almost all (96 percent) said they are familiar with their company’s values and 78 percent stressed the importance of being able to connect with the company values.

Gen Z prioritizes an inclusive workplace, the survey also found. Not getting along with managers or coworkers is the main reason for leaving a job, 52 percent responded. Next in line was less than satisfactory pay, which was cited by 48 percent.

“Gen Z is disrupting the way we work. They are curious about new technologies … demand a diverse and inclusive workplace with career growth opportunities, and care deeply about personal and company values alignment,” said Cortney Erin, vice president of global talent acquisition at Adobe.

Adobe collaborated with Advanis to collect 1,011 responses from U.S. Gen Z (those who are born between 1997 and 2012) who have been working full-time for a medium to large-sized company (750 employees or more) for up to three years. Data were collected from an online sample panel in early September 2023.