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Nominating Committee Protocols

In addition to the Bylaw requirements, the Nominating Committee is required to operate within the framework of the following bylaw-permitted, Board-approved protocols.

NP-1. In nominating an officer, strong consideration should be given to prior Board service.

NP-2. In nominating the president-elect, strong consideration should be given to prior service as an officer.

NP-3. [Reserved.]

NP-4. The Nominating Committee shall strive to have no more than one Board member from the same firm or employer, and under no circumstances may make nominations that result in more than two Board members from the same firm or employer. However, if a firm merger, change of employment, or similar situation creates a situation where more than two Board members from the same firm or employer are concurrently serving on the Board, they may complete their terms.

NP-5. Chapters shall submit at least two, but no more than five, nominations to fill chapter representative vacancies; submissions shall provide an order of preference; the Nominating Committee must choose from among the names submitted by the chapter and will strive to honor the chapter’s order of preference, subject to requirements imposed by the bylaws and the nominating committee protocols.

NP-6. The Nominating Committee should consider the role officers will play in developing its nominations for officer positions. However, regarding vice president assignments, the Nominating Committee is only to nominate vice presidents; the President is to make vice presidents assignments. When obtaining a candidate's consent to serve as Vice President, the Nominating Committee shall alert the candidate to the fact that the President could assign the candidate to any of the responsibilities outlined for Vice Presidents in the Board's Standing Rules

NP-7. Nominating Committees are not to add or delete protocols on their own volition, but are asked to submit changes they deem desirable to the Board for its approval.

NP-8. The Nominating Committee shall refrain from nominating any former staff member to fill any position, for a period of two years following such staff member’s separation of service from the Society or FAE (or both).

NP-9. The Nominating Committee is encouraged to obtain written statements from each candidate for President-Elect in which the candidate outlines his or her views on issues and initiatives that are expected to arise during his or her term. For instance, the candidate should be asked the challenges they anticipate the Society will face and what actions they believe the Society should take to meet those challenges.

NP-10. The Nominating Committee is encouraged to consider interviewing candidates for President-Elect and may interview candidates for other positions as well, provided that all candidates for a given office, whether self-declared or recruited, are included in the interview process.

NP-11. The Nominating Committee is encouraged to consider that the Society’s core values of diversity and inclusion, including NextGen representation, are reflected in the overall Board membership.

Approved, Board of Directors, March 22, 2021, Agenda Item B21–A–1(f)